Healthcare Business Interruption due to COVID-19

Healthcare Business Interruption due to COVID-19

The Healthcare industry is unique
  • Healthcare organizations are in direct contact with COVID-19 and can therefore demonstrate direct correlation to business interruption damage claims
  • Government orders restricting elective cases result in direct business loss impacts.

The value of a top tier team
  • Business Interruption insurance recovery requires highly specialized legal professionals.
  • Our team has assembled top tier professional specialists with a proven track record of insurance recovery.
  • Our team includes seasoned healthcare industry expertise.
  • We affirm the importance of collaboration and work with your existing team of experts by adding specialized experience.

Next Steps
  • Schedule an introductory video meeting to ‘meet the team.’
  • Receive a free, no risk policy assessment.
  • Review the assessment findings and recommended strategy for recovery.

Our Process to Your Financial Recovery

Policy Assessment & Recommendations

A thorough review of the policy is completed and recommendations for potential recovery are reviewed with the client

A claim is filed with the insurance company. These are typically denied or challenged

Settle 1
An attempt for Settlement is made to expedite financial recovery

A formal complaint is filed with the courts, setting the stage for legal proceedings

Settle 2
Based on the discovery process and motions filed a second attempt is made for Settlement

When Settlement can not be reached, the case moves to trial – this is a rarity

Engaging Professional Assistance for the Insurance Claim Process

The Healthcare Industry is uniquely positioned for recovery and our team of experts are ready to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

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