Hidden Damage Recovery

Hidden Damage Recovery

Engaging Professional Assistance for the
Insurance Claim Process

Where do we start?

Based on the age of your organization’s building(s), the number of units, and the type of construction, your organization’s buildings may be candidates for a no-cost review of likely insurance recovery for hidden damage to the exterior surfaces (caused by wind-driven rain over several years).

It is important to understand that such damage is hidden from view; and that sometimes when we think, “we don’t have any known damage right now,” later — often much later — we discover there was a ticking repair time-bomb occurring where we couldn’t see it at the time.

What’s Next?

With this in mind, and in order to prevent serious visible damage/issues from being discovered down the road, we recommend that your association’s board meet with our specialized consulting and legal experts to better understand the possibility of an insurance claim and its related processes (because it takes expertise to understand, manage, and conduct this assessment).

What our team of experts can do is review the organization’s records to determine which companies insured your organization over the prior years, and what is the likelihood of recovering funding to help repair any hidden damage, based on those policies. Our experts can also review the organization’s historic repair and maintenance records to make certain that there are not any “smoking guns” that would trigger defenses that the insurance companies would use to deny a claim for recovery of funds.

Report Findings

Following the above analysis, the consulting team will present the Board with a summary of the strength of the organization’s insurance coverage under historic policies. Based upon our experience with the insurance companies, we can also provide a ballpark estimate of what might be recovered.

This review, assessment, and recommendation will be conducted at no cost – and with this information the Board can then make an intelligent and informed decision as to whether a claim should be pursued.

We recommend setting up a meeting with your board, with our expert consulting team and with our recommended legal professionals. We will explain the process, answer your questions, and discuss your financial recovery options.

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